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phpGameTracker is a complex platform for tracking games servers. phpGameTracker was built with newest PHP/CSS/HTML/MySQLi specifications and latest version of Codeigniter. We use this powerful framework to keep code in a good format. You can edit everything you want faster. We recommend you to read Codeigniter documentation before, if you don’t have any knowledge of this framework.
phpGameTracker has protection against XSS, SQL Injection and all vulnerabilities.

36 games tracked
VIP System – For servers, with different prices and packs
Voting System – Built with Ajax
Live Players – List of players LIVE
Add server instant – Query for new server is live and if server looks fine, it’s added instantly
No account needed – You don’t need an account to add servers !
Unlimited servers – You can add as many servers as you want !
Ads System – Ads are displayed random
Dynamic search for servers – List of servers updates after every letter you type
Admin Panel – All you need you found in Admin Panel
Multilanguage System – Add/Delete/Edit your languages
Dynamic banners for every server – Use our free banners to make your server public ! You can customize them !
Social Bar – Add your Facebook/Twiiter/Vk Page
Comment System – Give a review to each server
and many more…

  1. PHP (min) 5.5
  2. MySQLi
  3. .htacces Rewrite
  4. fsockopen available
  5. CronJobs
  6. UDP Ports enabled (more than port 80)

Version 2.9:
- Added Conan Exiles
- Fixed TeamSpeak player display (Error: 0/0)
- Now you have update files separate (just to overwrite your files)
- SQL Update

Version 2.8:
- 3 new voice servers (TeamSpeak & Teamspeak 3 & Ventrilo)
- New header design
- Redesign for few button
- CodeIgniter updated 
- GameQ library updated
Version 2.7:
- Fixed fwrite error (Major bug)
- Added 4 new games
- Fixed cronjobs (Update Servers / Update Maps / Delete Average)
- New Cronjobs URL: php-cli /home/NAME/public_html/index.php cronjobs CRONJOB >/dev/null 2>&1
Version 2.6:
- Fixed function getAds()
- Now servers are updating if someone enter to page (at least 6 minutes) or via CronJobs ~ 30 min.
- Added class 'active' to header
- Statistics for maps are updating only when server is only
- Favorite button changed
Version 2.5:
- NEW! Added new banner format
- NEW! Added Comment System
- Updated JSColor library
Version 2.4:
- Fixed Graphs for banners
- Fixed Owner Name function (claim page)
- Added share buttons (request)
- Added missing rows of language between Romanian-English. 
Version 2.3:
- Added Ban System (request)
- Changes graphs algorithm (you can see statistics after first query now)
- Custom title on servers' page
- Fixed bug with Claim Owner
Version 2.2:
- Updated GameQ library
- Fixed register form and added language messages
- Added statistics on main page
- Few minor bugs
Version 2.1:
- Added a missing class
- Update few rows for languages
Version 2.0:
- All code has been rewrite with Codeigniter
- New games added
- Possibility to create accounts (Avatars, Ranks, etc.)
- Faster loading
- Multilanguage system
- ... more awesome features - *check demo*
Version 1.1:
- New Search System (more posibilities)
- Only UTF-8 characters
- Servers page has a new design
- Added Social share buttons
Version 1.0 - Released

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Software Version PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x